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November 14, 2016
November 10, 2016

Mobile at the Forefront of Hotel Technology

A lot can happen in 40 years, but when it comes to technology, 40-years is like going back to the days of Moses or the Roman Empire.” Richard Goodwin…..

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November 07, 2016

How Cloud Technology Can Increase Ancillary Revenue for Hotels

According to PhoCusWright, in 2011 U.S. hotels sold approximately US$1.85 billion in ancillary products and services, which accounted for 1.7% of the..

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November 03, 2016
November 02, 2016

4 Hotel Technology Trends Here to Stay! [Podcast]

There is no denying that technology developments continue at a relentless pace and are changing and shaping the hospitality industry. The right..

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October 31, 2016

Why Now IS the Right Time to Upgrade Your Hotel PMS

A recent article featured on eHotelier asked ‘is now the right time to upgrade to a next generation Hotel PMS?’ The answer is yes! There has never been..

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October 28, 2016

Zoku - The Hotel built on the Needs of Future Guests [interview]

Listed in Forbes Top 25 Coolest Hotels, winner of the 2015 Radical Innovation Award as well as “Best Innovation & Disruption” from the Serviced..

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October 24, 2016

Marriott’s M Beta: Helping to understand the guest of tomorrow

We’ve seen a lot of press coverage on the Marriott brand over the past couple of months, everything from the Starwood merger, to how the Starwood..

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October 20, 2016

Don't Penalize Guests Acquired via OTAs, Incentivize them!

While there are many strategies to get customers to book direct, from maintaining a compelling and user-friendly website, to having an easy booking..

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October 19, 2016

Hotel Self-Service, The Next Big Thing? [Podcast]

There is no doubt that self-service is the currency of our time. It’s also true to say, like many new technological developments, the hotel industry..

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October 17, 2016

Airbnb’s Impact on Hotels is Less than Perceived – True or False?

Findings from a recent report released by STR, using data supplied by Airbnb suggests that the impact of Airbnb on hotels is less than perceived. Which..

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October 13, 2016

How Hotel Technology Can Increase Your Direct Bookings

OTAs became big and powerful at a time of uncertainty and declining revenues in the early 2000s and became a lifeline to hotels. And while third party..

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October 10, 2016

3 Ways to Recoup Revenue Lost to OTAs at Booking

OTAs have become somewhat like your worst best friend. While the exposure properties gain from OTAs is undeniable, many hoteliers are asking themselves..

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October 06, 2016

The New World in Front-of-House Service

Our world is changing and focusing more on technology, convenience and customer service – and consumers themselves are driving the changes. Anyone born..

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October 03, 2016


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