2017 is swiftly approaching and there’s no question that technology developments continue at a relentless pace, changing and shaping the hospitality industry. Technology has become critical to attracting and retaining hotel guests but three tech trends in particular are providing solutions that are sure to permeate the new year!

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In this webinar, learn about these three technology trends enabling hotels to deliver a personalized service to generate increased customer loyalty, higher occupancy rates, and an improved bottom line. Executives from Duetto, StayNTouch and SiteMinder discuss:

  • Why mobile, cloud platforms and loyalty strategies are the most significant tech trends to capitalize on in 2017
  • Why the ease of connectivity makes cloud technology essential to revenue generation 
  • Why your hotel should adopt personalized loyalty pricing        
  • How 'mobile micro-moments' and 'dayparting' will change your distribution strategy in 2017 
  • How to determine which tech trends are best suited for your hotel property